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Designed specifically for tax professionals:

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Make a move to the fastest, easiest, and most efficient income tax software created for all tax businesses that specialize in offering quick and accurate tax returns.

Tax software with cutting-edge technology to give your business the edge it needs.


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Built-in Document Manager

Save Money with our Paperless Office Solution

•    Easy access to client documents from within the tax return.

•   Reduce expenses on paper, toner and filing.

•    Documents signed via Signature Pad or Remote Signature stored automatically.

•    Stores scanned documents from handheld scanner, mobile app imports, or imports from existing scan folders.



Remote Signature Feature

Your clients can sign their tax documents on their mobile device! Expand the reach of your business


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Tax Software customers now have the ability to request a remote signature from a non-present taxpayer and/or spouse at the time of tax return completion. After authenticating their identity, the taxpayer/spouse can review a PDF of the tax return and sign it using their mobile device.

•  Save time by completing the tax return without the need to have the taxpayer/spouse in your office
•  Give your customers the convenience of finalizing the tax return from the comfort of their home
•  Remotely signed return is securely stored within uTax Software for easy access at a later date
  How it Works

When signing a tax return or bank application, select RemoteSign.
After the tax preparer clicks RemoteSign, the Remote Signature Options screen pops up asking which method the taxpayer/spouse would like to use to sign the tax return (based on information collected in the Client Data screen).
The taxpayer receives a text message or email (based on their selection) with a link to validate their identity.

The taxpayer validates their identity with:
•  Last 4 digits of SSN
•  Date of Birth
•  Last Name


Industry-Leading Tools and Features

Handheld Scannerscanner

Streamline tax preparation and simplify your document storage.
With Scan & Store, you can:
•  Scan and store taxpayer source documents (federal and state returns, all documents with e-signatures)
•  Capture valid forms of taxpayer identification (IDs, Social Security cards, etc.)
•  Prepare more returns by reducing tax preparation time
•  Access electronic copies of existing files from your PC take a photo of the taxpayer for quick and easy identification

Signature Pad

Capture taxpayer signatures electronically
FTX Software allows you to save time and money by reducing paper usage, storage, and preparer errors by integrating electronic signature pads with the tax software.

•  Digital signature is securely bound to the document
•  Meet government disclosure requirements
•  Prepare more returns by reducing tax preparation time
•  Quick return on investment
•  Fully integrated with uTax Software